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Fashion Lovers Unite

Beautifully illustrated emojis at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a regular in the front row at fashion week, or simply choose to soak up the wonderful world of fashion from the pages of glossy magazines, these Fash Pack emojis are for you.

Clare Grove, author and illustrator of the cult classic ‘Mummy Loves’ series of books has created over 230 beautiful watercolour illustrated emojis that will ensure your messages show you are a style maven, fluent in the language and lifestyle of fashion and all its associated foibles.

From the highest heel and perfect Breton Tee, to the ultimate smoky eye, they’re all here, but it doesn’t just stop at clothes, beauty and accessories. There’s the Prozac pill you’ll need when you see that culottes are making a comeback, the Botox syringe to iron out any wrinkles and even the naughty fry-up you’ll crave the morning after too many vinos with your fellow fashionistas. And when you want your friends to be sure which Fashion Week you’re referencing, just add the appropriate flag!

Let the Fash Pack emojis do the talking for you, and even your most basic message will be a work of art, and a real fashion statement.


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